How do I Share a single internet connection

So here is a typical Scenario we often get emails about :

You have access to free wireless internet and your computer  is able to connect to the internet but has a weak signal when using the free wireless internet and you unable to use your Iphone, Ipad, ,Mac, smart phone or tablet on the same free wifi signal.

You want to use the free wireless on one or more of the above named devices around your home ,boat or caravan ,can it be done ? Simply yes

You will require an either a kit already packaged such as the

Camp pro Series   boxed sets  or a combination of below

1.Alfa Network R36

with a suitable Alfa Network wireless network adapter connected to it, such as

2.TUBE U G. & a compatible Outdoor antenna of your choice

How does it work ?

As you have probably read via google or been told by a friend, the Tube U G or other adapters made by Alfa Network are very capable devices, which have a very good wireless signal range, utilising on this we can share the free wifi.

Basically the R36 takes the wifi  signal received by one of the Alfa network Wireless USB adapters and distributes it like the wifi router you may use at home, or the coffee shop.

Alfa Network make a range of Wireless network adapters suitable for most scenarios such as using wifi on a yacht , boat, caravan park, trailer park or in your home.

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