How to Improve the Range of your Wireless Network

So you are reading this page because you are trying to improve the range of your Wireless Network.
Before buying any new hardware here are a few tips they may help....... and the really good part is, it cost nothing ! :)

  1. Try and relocate the wireless router if possible (Move the router off the floor and away from walls and metal objects) try and avoid physical obstructions or reflective surfaces.
  2. Check to see if there are any other neighbouring  networks that are broadcasting on the same channel as your own network,If so log onto your routers configuration page and change  your networks broadcasting channel.(You can find various free software for different Operating systems that are capable of scanning for other broadcasting networks) Newer routers may have the option of automatically changing channels to try and avoid interference.
  3. Log-on to your routers configuration page to check if there are any power options to increase the broadcast range or your routers signal.
  4. Check to see if there is any available firmware upgrades for your router from the manufacturers website - this may improve the general function of the router and possibly add extra features
  5. Try checking for a newer driver for your wireless network adapter from your network adapter manufactures website

If the above tips do not help then you should think about replacing the weaker links in your WiFi network.

The weaker links could be:

  1. The broadcasting range of the router *If the routers has removable antennas simply unscrew them and replace with better antennas.Omni directional antennas broadcast the signal around you (imagine dropping a stone into water, the ripples represent the broadcasting wireless networking signal). Directional antenna / sector/panel / yagi antennas concentrate the signal in  one directions (imagine your voice represents the wireless networking signal  ,using a megaphone directs you voice into a more focused area therefore making it sound louder in one particular area ,this is how directional antennas generally work
  2. The wireless network adapter being used to connect to the wireless network.*Because wireless networking requires 2 way communication, the networks range is only as good as the range of the weakest connection. *example if your router only broadcasts a signal up-to a range of 50m and you wireless network adapter can connect to a wireless network at 150m, you will only have a working signal at 50m Why ? because the adapter can see the router at 50m or more but after 50m the router will not be able to  see the wireless network adapter so they can not communicate!
  3. When it comes to wireless networking the sensitivity of the hardware being used is  important.Do not be fooled into thinking higher power means better performance & range, the wireless chipset inside the network adapter is also very important.
  4. The types of antennas used on both the wireless router/ access point or the wireless networking adapter.